Sucessful Premiere

For the end of April, our new member Toni has invited to his hometown of Bad Gleichenberg in southeastern Styria. While there was initially skepticism about the extremely poor information on the program, the teams of the twelve vehicles (four cheaters) were soon taught better. On the eve of the excursion, KommR Anton Ulrich, carpenter and state guild master, met in the company for a relaxed champagne reception. After a short explanation of the operation, the procession set off in the direction of a nearby wine tavern – it was an experience at prices, almost like in shilling times. Knowing that the hotel bar closes at 10 p.m., we stocked up on wine beforehand and enjoyed it in the hall.

The departure from the company was punctual and after a little more than half an hour's drive, a visit to the Gölles manufactory (brandies and vinegar of the upper price range) was on the agenda. On the following mountain rally route, there was a lot of acceleration, the traces of too much of it were still clearly visible. In the border triangle of Styria, Burgenland and Slovenia, Toni had once again chosen a wine tavern. Eat and drink as you please for a voluntary donation! This was followed after about 40 km by a brewery tour in Slovenia. Distilled water, enriched with all kinds of ingredients of varying weight, six of them – not my taste and idea of beer. Rather, the Bulldog host, a decades-long collector of all kinds of junk, was more liked. At the Weinhof Ulrich – relatives – there was a tasting and guided tour.

The joint dinner at the Delikaterie Bad Gleichenberg was something special and uncharted territory, as the group was complimented from the restaurant at 10:30 p.m. And that with proper behavior.

Toni, Evelyn and helpers offered us a really successful, great trip, which brought only the highest praise from all sides.

Thank you very much to both of you.