Dolce far niente di Grado!

We started the season with an exit to Grado. We met on Friday evening in the yacht club of Grado, where Giancarlo had organized an aperitif with prosecco and pesce fritti misti. In the light of the setting evening sun, all participants of the spring trip found a dinner. Along the lagoon, we walked back to the hotel on foot, but due to the ignorance of the localities, we ran and ended up in the "Berkel" where we ended the evening and greeted the morning.

On Saturday it was 10:30 from Pineta, Redipuglia, Cormons to Slovenia in the Brda. The destination was a winery known to connoisseurs in a fantastic location in the vineyards. We started with a tasting of wines and an accompaniment of local specialties and enjoyed the view and the conversations. In the meantime, our new friends arrived from the Slovenian Roverclub and strengthened our round. After work, it went back together across the Slovenian wine route to Italy. Defying smoky brakes and overarching heavy vehicles, Aquilea returned to Grado. In order to spare our Slovenian friends the obligatory Saturday traffic jam, we stopped outside at a pizzeria to say goodbye and take a community photo. Here we parted ways and we hurried to get back to Grado, where the taxi boat was waiting for the crossing to Ai Ciodi. After about an hour's crossing, we arrived at the restaurant, where we had a wonderful dinner, before going back to Grado. As usual, the participants split up to sample the premises for quality and service and then discuss the results with one or more bottles of Prosecco.

On Sunday, all participants went to coffee and shopping in the old town where we finally said goodbye and started the individual journey home. Probably the most beautiful and demanding journey home was our honorary president Reinhard on the Passo Vrsic to Fürstenfeld.

We still enjoyed the sunny Sunday by the sea during a walk and gelato before we left on Monday.

Your Thomas