Rover Club Austria- How everything began

Accidentally it happened, that a Rover P5 owner and a driver of a Renault R4 met at a gas filling station in Graz, where they decided to hold a first  Rover meeting at May 1st 1989 in Stubenberg/See.

The response was great - 30 Rover-Drivers took part! The exclusivity of the Rover marque quickly created a good „climate“ among the participants, so the foundation of the OeRC was the logical consequence.

Under the patronage founder and actual honorary president Reinhard Eigler, on September 1st 1989 the OeRC was founded as the „Rover Club Graz 1989“, which  referred  to the place and founding year.

1998 the Club was renamed into „Österreichischer Rover Club“ (ÖRC), because we operate in all Austrian federal states and also foreign countries.

What we stand for

The club’s tasks are seen in  the registration, maintenance and Vehicle’s  preservation of  the Rover Marque. Technical enquiries and spare parts procurements are usually solved  between our members, for true Problems we have some model specialists.

About 45 members care for contacts between eachother  and to friendly foreign clubs,  as well as for social and riding events.

A casual clublife distincts the OeRC, a warm behavior and a family like atmosphere at our meetings. There are friends, who everybody likes to meet each time.