Rarities from the 90ties onwards

Rover Scout


A good example for Rover's innovation was the Rover Scout, unhappily it is also an example how forward looking concepts were set asleep.

Already 1991 Rover developed a small car based on the Metro (Rover 100) with a high roof, just like the nowadays Minivans or mini SUVs. Equipped with all accessories for the urban wildness, the Scout had all necessary for the freelance freak.

  • Bullbar
  • Roofcarrier for all sporting utilities
  • Higher ground clearance
  • Onboard telephone
  • Hair dryer for the ladies (Oh yes, the hairdryer is still waiting for its integration into the modern cars life)

1994 BMW noticed that the Scout wasn't compatible with the seriousness of the BMW and cancelled that project.

Rover P5 Convertible

1997 that is why it is in this category, there was a hard core Rover Fan who changed his P5 into a convertible, equipped with all Goodies that were nice and worthy, like electric windows, Injection, 5 speed autobox, alloys, a.s.o. He won many prices at several oldtimer events. Unfortunately this car was sold in summer 2005, so that means for us freaks – to wait until it appears again.
So please wait.

Rover TCV

As the family van boom swept over us, there was Rover who wanted to spend their own part for the freelance oriented large families.

In Geneva 2002, were presented to the interested public, it should take further 2 years, until the TCV should go into production. The “Tourer Concept Vehicle” should be equipped with DVD-player, game-console, LCD screen and “mother in laws back seat”

Apropos mother in law:  A humorous view of the “Mother in law back seat”  and the TCV can be found here.


But as we know, again, lacking from any financial support for developing the Concept Car up to a series vehicle, as usual this plan was never realized.