Rarities from the 50ies

The Gas Turbine

Actually originated from hardship caused by the War (a secret project on which Spencer Wilks was working for the government) the different Rover Gas Turbine Drives  became a charming footnote of the motor history.

A drastically modified Rover P4 was used 1950 as the first Test station, known as the Jet1 this car remained still in a museum until today.

Then followed by the T2, T3 and T4, last was used as a precursor design for the Rover 2000, also a racer the Rover BRM tried to be half-ways successful in Le Mans.

The Rover 2000 was even specially designed to use a gas turbo engine, which can by having a closer look to the very different front suspension.

Marauder -The Descendant

Between 1950 and 1952 the Rover employees George Mackie, Peter Wilks and Richard Mead, built their own roadster called Marauder.

Based on the Rover P4, theses sportscars were “only” nice, but comparatively underpowered and expensive. As then new taxes were released, the tax burden for cars of this category had been risen, the end was in sight, after only 15 cars built.

BUT: The Austrian Rover Club appreciates one of it's members, who can be seen as the world specialist for Marauders.