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2 Rover P5B Saloon for sale

For sale are 2 Rover P5B saloons with the well-known Rover V8 engine

Once welded body, original Austrian car (i.e. left-hand drive), Austrian type certificate / individual approval available, right car in the pictures, the yellow spots are a base
Second vehicle right-hand drive (blue / silver paint, beige interior), ideal technology dispenser (axles, engine, gearbox, windows, ...). Has stopped until it was shut down due to corrosion
Super base for a restoration according to your own ideas, either completely true to the original or maybe more towards rally or circuit vehicle? For the Rover P5 and especially the V8 engine there is an excellent supply of spare parts and many tuning parts such as. Engine up to 4.6 liters (Range Rover P38), manual transmission (LT77 from SD1, Triumph TR8, Morgan…), limited slip differential, exhaust manifold, carburetor systems, sports camshafts,….
Additional parts (interior, additional technical parts, decorative parts, etc.) can also be purchased upon request.

Package price € 2950

Contact: Georg Mayr-Harting, +43 676 810 32486

Rover and Automobilia Sell Off!

P6 3500S Nada, model year 1970 in good condition with the following improvements

eg. SD 1 engine wit 157 PS, 95 Oktan and a BW 65,SD1 Vitesse 15“ rims, Interior trim in  beige leather,

mint condition, Tabacco Leaf, alls services done, runs excellent.

On demand additional SD1 14“ rims VDP series II

Only for connoisseurs of this fine car!
Automobilia, too much to mention!
A collection of  over 40 year has to go.
Prices reduced!

Model cars of all types and scales, stamps, posters,badges, mugs, grills, e.g.

For more details contact me or visit me!

Reinhard Eigler
Kommendegasse 5
8280 Fürstenfeld
Tel: +43 676 606 3949


Garage cleanup - Cars & Spares!

Because of closing my garage the following items are fo sale:

The following cars are not ready to drive but can be towed. They are located in the east of Vienna.

Several Rover P5: form series Ia to P5B, Saloon or Coupe, complete or in parts.

Rover P6: 4- or 8-cylinder, complete or in parts.

A lot of other rarities available!

For more informations call +43 664 335 98 16.

Rover P6 spare parts for sale

Engines, gearboxes manual and auto, diff's, axles, wings bonnets, ....

Raised your interest? Contact Fritz Pichler:

Tel.: +43 664 5164337

Email: Fritz Pichler

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