50 Years Rover P6

At our annual meeting in February Oliver Kepplinger made the proposal, to celebrate 50 years P6 at the exhibition in Tulln, Austrias greatest event fo vintage cars, with a special club presentation. The board agreed to his proposal and Oliver started immediately with a lot of enthusiasm the preparations.

The requested area of 18 x 12 meter made the board stunning and he was asked what he's going to do. Oliver had planned to show 10 to 12 cars, 11 had been finally realized. He started to organize e.g. 230 square meter of carpet, flags, stickers, pillars, ropes, a big tent and finally a beer pump to serve our visitors with fresh and cool Guinness.

Some of the cars he would like to exhibit, haven't been in roadworthy condition and therefore a huge logistic and transportation department was created. We would like to thank all our members supporting the ORC for this though job.

At the day the exhibition started the complete range of the Rover P6, including the predecessor P4 100 and the sucessor SD1 as well as the end of the line represented by a 75. Oliver organized a rare 3500S US-modell and a Estoura as well. We spent a lot of time to explain interested visitors the details and differences of the models in our show. The exhibition was well visited and the organisers stated app. 30.000 visitors for two days.

I would like to thank Oliver for his tireless effort, all members who helped building the stand, transporting and taking care of visitors with a warm „Vergelt´s Gott“.

Reinhard Eigler

Some Impressions