Mangiare, automobili e nient'altro

The joy and excitement was great when, after a 2-year Corona break, we set off with our rover on April 29th to explore the vastness of the world and breathe in the sea air. The arrival of the participants was individual, but punctually at 18:30 everyone was ready to have the aperitif at the Grado Yacht Club. I was enthusiastic about the large number of participants and the prevailing mood. Giancarlo and the operators of the yacht club had prepared a wonderful evening. A fantastic sunset paired with a holiday feeling, the newly won freedom to travel and several courses of Gradese specialties and a few bottles of the excellent Ribolla Gialla made us quickly forget the restrictions of the last few years. With these beautiful impressions, the day of arrival ends with dolce far niente.

On Saturday we only started the new day at 10:30 a.m. to give the participants time to recover from the "arrival". When it was time to leave, all the vehicles and participants were already gathered in front of the hotel and were waiting for departure. From Grado we went via Aquileia, Sagrado and many small towns to the monastery of Monte San Michele. Memories of the past came back to me. Albert and Ingrid tried to revive the tradition of roundabouts on trips and we realized that navigation systems in Italy never really work precisely. Over wonderful country roads, through vineyards, we went up a winding mountain road to the monastery of Monte San Michele. Now we had time to look at the monastery on a beautiful spring day and also to drink liquids. After we had recovered from the exertion of the journey, looked at and discussed the incontinence of a vehicle together, we continued to the Venica winery, where a tasting and guided tour awaited us. In addition to wine, cheese and the winery, there was also an interesting collection of tractors to see. Now it was time to return from the Venica winery to Grado at the usual Rover Club exit speed, with electric vehicles that were obstructing traffic being lapped elegantly and dynamically. There was still a little time before dinner at the Savial restaurant in the old town of Grado, where we had booked a large table together. As in a typical Italian extended family with Austrian roots, the evening flew by.

After an extensive breakfast and various conversations, Giancarlo came to the hotel to say goodbye. With a tear in our eye but the anticipation of the upcoming journey home, we set off individually. Some drove to Croatia, others made the mountain roads and passes unsafe and others went shopping, but all returned home without a breakdown and with the sun in their hearts.

I would like to express my special thanks to Gerhard, who gave me great support during the preparations and thus made the spring trip a successful experience.

It was nice