Much more than a club rally

Like a snow king, I was looking forward to the end of the season at the end of October.  She promised to see dear friends again after a long time and to  maintain social contacts, which are usually limited to the floor announcement in the elevator. Hence my early arrival with overnight stay, where two more couples arrived.  It was a nice evening.

After a joint breakfast – completely unusual for the WCC – they set off punctually for a trip to southern Burgenland.  Eighteen people, ten vehicles (as a guest an MGB) and seventy cylinders burned precious and expensive fuel out of pure pleasure in pleasure.

P5 Mk III, P5 B Coupe, a 3500 from first ownership with 70,000 km, 2 of 3 Nada running in Austria, a P6 Series 1 2000 and the rest P6 V8 – heart, what more could you want?

A positive aspect of such trips is the greatly reduced cigarette consumption, since of course there is no smoking in the car and even in the excellently selected gastronomy only in front of the door. In this case, this was not a problem, as we were traveling in summer temperatures. After 60 km there was the first rest  in Neudau, another 45 km had to be covered until lunch in Heiligenbrunn.

In the absolutely unique and worth seeing Kellerviertel there is an ensemble of thatched wine cellars from the 17th century, partly still with presses, from which the very regional Uhudler, a direct carrier who resisted phylloxera, is pressed. A bit of getting used to, but fantastic after the third eighth.  Was also banned for a long time in the trade, only allowed as house wine, today specialty.

And here I say goodbye, an ailment forced me to go home.


From here I take over to report on the further activities. After the excellent lunch at the Genussgasthof Krutzler came to an end, the long walks of the participants in the autumn sun and the  tastings of   the offered Uhudlerfrizzante began,  which called into question the planned further program items.

Now  a quick departure from Heiligenbrunn  was necessary in order to reach the next program item the Vinothek in Moschendorf on time.  The participants  but were still  looking for the ultimate Uhudlerfrizzante  we were looking for a solution.   Thus, a visit to  the winery Herczeg was necessary to taste and buy the desired quality.

From there we went in a brisk drive to the end point of the Saturday tour to Stadtschlaining, where we moved into the rooms in the Burghotel Schlaining. But there was hardly any time, as the next item on the agenda was already pressing and that was to be expected, as expected, the dinner in the restaurant Kranich. After we had enjoyed dinner together, we said goodbye to  Anton, his brother-in-law and  their wives and  went back to the hotel, where we ended the evening with nice conversations and drinks.

The next morning started with an hour more sleep due to the time change very relaxed. We met and had breakfast which became a challenge in itself. Since the individual stations of the buffet were distributed over the winding breakfast room, it was a real challenge to find the desired treats. With good cooperation in the club, we were able to track down the hidden areas.  Now we continued with the hustle and bustle, checking out, putting away cars and off to the guided tour in Schlaining Castle.  I learned a lot about Burgenland that I did not know, such as the capital question between Ödenburg and  Eisenstadt, the shots of Schrattendorf and unknown Burgenland customs.

After the end of the tour we separated into two groups and my group drove over the Geschriebenstein to  Lockenhaus to end the trip with coffee, cake and ice cream.

Thanks to Albert and Andreas for the successful event and  I would also like to thank Magdalena, who organized the rooms, the dinner and the guided tour in Schlaining Castle!

It was nice and we would love to come back.