Summer Rally

In July, the ÖRC met in beautiful western Styria at the Klugbauer. In the midst of the forest landscape and the Scottish Highland cattle, cars and members alike felt equally comfortable – which was not least due to the Schilcher. At the official opening, there was the almost obligatory Eigler quiz, but this time you could mainly shine with useless knowledge.

In perfect summer weather, six cars made their way to Edelschrott on 29.7. (which of course should not be an allusion) to complete the first special test with a sparkling refreshment (keyword "11 o'clock fair"). When unwinding adhesive tape, Walter had the advantage on his side due to the volume.

We continued energetically on the Packer main road. As a pacemaker, the Mini was fully in its element here and was thus able to challenge the big machines. If you drive across, you see more!

After enjoying an excellent menu at Deutschlandsberg Castle, it was time to prove our driving skills and compete in the second special stage.

Afterwards we started the return journey via the Schilcher Weinstraße to our accommodation, where we let the wonderful day end. This time, our presidential couple emerged as the winner of the trip. We congratulate and look forward to the next summer trip, which the winner can organize!