Wellbeing in Souteast Styria

This year's August trip did not lead to the Traunsee as usual. In order to bring even more variety to the club, there were also new participants and from such a point of view the following report is written:

In fantastic summer weather, my owner took me out of the garage to make her way to Ilz. There, starting from Burgau, the first stage of the WCC exit led there. I was already curious what to expect. I'm just a Mini and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with the big Vikings. At a parking lot we met with the other participants. When the model range not only covered the usual P4, 5 and 6, but also Jaguar and Triumph came around the corner, I felt really comfortable among so many Brits.

Then it went over wonderfully winding roads to Pechmann's old oil mill, where the drivers could strengthen themselves with Heckenklescher or grape juice and a small snack. At the sight of the hodgepodge of cars, tractors and other things,  we and our owners felt younger again!

Further along several Maisäcker, with a short stop at the Bulldogwirt, I drove the 5.3l Jaguar over the southeast Styrian hills in front of me to stop for lunch at the Domittner Klöcherhof . After eating and drinking (again), we continued to move, over even greater inclines, to St. Anna/Aigen. Even before my new friends and I were properly parked, some of the owners were already drinking – sorry, tasting – in the vinotheque. Someone else should say something about our consumption!

After we have all run without complaint so far, there was finally something to do for the drivers and passengers. In a quiz, car knowledge was queried throughout history, but this was no longer so easy to retrieve in view of the many types of wine. This was best achieved by the younger participants and so my owner and I were able to win the day! The evening was then spent in the quarters, where our staff strengthened themselves extensively.

Thank you for this wonderful day, dear Reinhard and dear FÖRC. Veronika and I accept the invitation and will certainly be back soon!

Your Mini 25th Anniversary