Autumn Colours

Club members and their relatives, who had time, desire and opportunity, accepted the invitation to take part in the excursion "From the Dreisessel to the Danube Valley". Hans (dentist Dr. Bauer) invited and organized a meeting for all of us, as it could not have gone better. At the beginning we received a road book from him, as it could not be more meticulously elaborated. Of course, the reservations were made in all the restaurants where we stayed as planned. Thank you, Hans, for all your effort!

The joint trip started on Saturday, 15.10.2016 from the hotel in Büchlberg to the "Dreisesselberg" near the border triangle north of Passau. The last hundred meters of altitude from the parking lot to the summit we walked and experienced the beautiful view, especially to the south to the Dachstein and the Kaisergebirge. Then the journey continued to Schlägl, where we had lunch at the Stiftsgasthof. The subsequent drive down to the Danube was characterized by winding roads that ran through the lovely, autumnally colored hilly landscape, until we arrived at the bottom for a coffee break. Via Passau we went back to the hotel.

After checking out on Sunday, we were invited by Hans and his wife to his practice for champagne and to "try out in his treatment chairs". You could hear that none of us had ever experienced such a pleasant visit to the dentist! Then the journey continued through Passau with a stop at "Maria Hilf". From there you have a beautiful view of the city of three rivers. As always led by Hans, our convoy moved on to Engelhartszell, stopped in front of Engelszell Abbey and then continued uphill via Schlögen to St. Agatha. After lunch with a magnificent view of the foothills of the Alps we said goodbye to each other.

The trip and the get-together was not only a successful weekend due to our luck with the beautiful weather, but also because of the good choice of route and the nice feeling of togetherness. There were pleasant, interesting conversations among each other and the willingness to help each other with words and deeds. This family structure was underlined by the presence of a club member with family, consisting of 4 (four!) Generations. That's what another car club should imitate!

All in all a nice experience for the new member W.A.