Mare e Monti - Season Opening

Dear club members!

Dear friends of the Rover brand!

We started the season with a trip to Cormons. Many friends accepted the invitation of Gerhard and me, and so we met on Friday, April 30th at 20:00 for a dinner together in our hotel. As usual, dinner ended at 1:30 a.m. with home-brewed beer and wine.

On Saturday we started at 10:00 and we were reinforced by Giancarlo, Gianluca and Roberto from the Italian Rover Club. The route led us through the Collio via Slovenia to Duino, where we had lunch in a small harbor. For the afternoon a big round over the Isonzo valley back to Cormons was planned. Since the lunch was unexpectedly long and the sun gave rise to the first holiday feelings, we did not get going again until around 16:00. Our destination was the Miramare Castle near Trieste, where we wanted to take a short walk. Due to the beautiful weather and probably the first bathing day this year, we decided after we had caused a veritable chaos in the oncoming traffic area with buses, to turn around and drive towards Prosecco. The route chosen by Gerhard up to Prosecco was the unexpected highlight and the driving challenge of the day. Anyone who knows the movie "Pink Panther" with Peter Sellers and the marketplace scene knows what I mean. The older man who watched us maneuvers must have seen the cabaret of his life. The faces of the participants, but especially of Bernhard and Walter, are unfortunately not documented, but for us they were the reward for the organization. On side roads we went back to Cormons, where we arrived around 18:30. For 20:00 we had booked a trattoria where we ended the day with antipasti, pasta and wine.

On Sunday it started again around 10:00. Since the weather had unfortunately changed to heavy rain, we started after some consultations, whether we wanted to visit a car collection with Gianluca, the common way home. The pictures say more than my words! Thanks to all of you for the nice weekend together,