Linz 2014 Video

In 2014 the ORC is celebrating it's 25th anniversary and therefore we have arranged a international Meeting in Linz, Upper Austria.

The participants arrived on the 5th of June got a first impression of Linz, in a guided tour in the evening through the City of Linz guided from the "first nigthwatchmen zu Lintze".

On friday we had a trip with a historic tram "Poestlingbergbahn" up to the Poestlingberg in our program. (for technicans: this is one of the steepest frictiontrams worldwide with 116 %o incline. Only Lisboa does have a steeper one!). On a terrace with a marvelous view over Linz downtown the vistors where welcomed from a P2, a P4 and a P6. A aperitive where served and the organisation team and myself made the official welcome to all participants. I had the honor to speek the words of welcome for our honorary president who couldn't be present because of health issues to delegations from Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg and two gentleman from Rome, Italy Sig. Ruggero and Sig. Coticca (longest journey, eldest participant with a age of 85 years, driving a Rover 35oo Series I). A opulent dinner and a view over the romantic illuminted City of Linz was a key to a closer european Rover familiy.

Saturday, 7th of June – As my P4 is currently under Restauration Andreas did borrow me his famous and quick P6. This is the ultimate car I've ever dreamed of. The smell of petrol, leather, hot brakes, unfiltered exhaust gases (as this is not politcally correct, I like this), a Sound like a tank, a incredible roadhold and finally the steering wheel on the rigth side ( the rigth one). I felt as it was my 25th birthday. Also for my co-driver Theresia, I had to diagnose growing enthusiasm (not only because of my driving style).

We could further welcome participants from the Czech Republic and Austria so that a convoi of 24 cars could be formed. The scenic route from Linz to Haslach im Muehlviertel brought us to a textile museum and a huge collection of mechanical music instruments (Collection Rechberger) which we visited. A Muehlviertler Buffet was served for lunch.

On our way back to Linz we visited the beautiful „Eidenberger Alm“. I could manage with a mild misinterpretation of the perfect roadbook to drive nearly the whole route which we had used before lunch (!) until I found the right traffic sign.

In the evening we drove through downtown to park and arrange our beautiful cars in the castle courtyard to enjoy a dinner with excellent food, nice conversation and a sunset over the city.

The individual way back to hotel was famous for several laps trough the city and dark streets bypassing always the same Hot Dog stand from different directions and greeting differnet other participants following their satnav systems.

On sunday our convoi was guided from the Police through the City and over red traffic signals.(Many thanks to the Police of Linz!!). Especially our friends from Swizerland where impressed from this Service.In Freistadt, the end of our Rally we visited a brewery and learned very much about beer. We finished with a excellent lunch.

After the official farewell we received a lot of presents and a huge Rover flag, we huged each other and promised to meet again next year in Germany.

Resumee: A Meeting like in a storyboard, excellent Organisation and the correct mix from driving, talking, eating and drinking. 3 days of sunshine (this has to be organised!!) made this relaxing and enjoyable meeting to a success. No breakdowns, no accidents no conflicts. What do you want more? – more days like these!!!

On behalf of the board of the ORC i would like to thank the organisers Jutta and Andreas Oberweger and their Team for this perfect Job and beautiful time in Linz!

Herbert Mühleder


Grado - Always a nice place to be

In the annual Meeting the honarary president answered the question for the seasons opening rally with "let's go to Grado". Thomas, Gerhard and Giancarlo made a outstanding Organisation, many thanks for that.

On May 1st, we met as agreed with Walter,Margit, Gerhard and Michi Zollo and Reinhard with son at 12:00 am at the motorway Service Station Kaiserwald on the A2. After 15 minutes we called Thomas and asked him where he is. The answer just started in Vienna, was a short shock but typically Thomas. Fortunately he was joking and he arrived a few minutes later with Barbara. In a speedy ride (close to the limits) we drove together to Klagenfurt, where Gerhard and Anita gave us a warm welcome and some refreshments.

Enough from driving on the motorway, we left at the Exit Tarvis in direction Lago di Predel, where we made a short break. Our way brought us up to 1.200 m were we passed the Sella Nevea in snow. Hairpin bends, narrow roads, tunnels without lights, yawning abysses – marvelous. In Ciusaforte we entered the motorway again and arrived Hotel Fonzari in Grado. A ***Hotel with a breakfastroom and pool at the 7th floor and view from Triest to Koper.

Our president arrived the day before with a "Lancia", because his P4 is in restauration now for two and a half years, with no end! The dinner in a typical italian restaurant was excellent and Rosana and Giancarlo attended.

We started on friday 2nd at 9:00 am our tour. Giancarlo guided us over Collio Goriziano, one of the famous wine roads in Friaul with a sidestep to Slovenia to a wineyard. In Redipuglia we visited a museum for WW1, a monument and the cemetary for 60.000 soldiers killed in action. Our guide was deeply affected by this horror. We took the dinner together after Anita and Gerhard and Maria and Bernhard arrived. We finished the evening in the morning at the "Berkel".

Saturday was without any plans for free disposal. The initial idea to go shopping in Triest turned out to be too stressy and so we stayed at the beach. Finally I've missed the departure of the boat to Ai Ciodi on the Island of Anfora. What a pitty!

After a photoshooting with our italian friends we split up on sunday for a individual journey. Walter, Gerhard and me we took the scenic route through the valley of Socca, the Triglav-National Park and Passo di Predil, back to Tarvis.

A very nice and memorable start in the new season! Thanks to the organisation team and especially to Giancarlo.