Mid august summer rally

On saturday August 13th the convoy from the veterans club of Innsbruck arrived in Burgau. Some members of the ORC where also joining this event.

Sunday was dedicated from the OCI to medevial games on the Riegersburg, while the ORC members visited a classic rally nearby. We guided our guest from switzerland to some vinyards along the Pinkatal road, until the finally experienced a traditional cellar. On the next day both clubs joined forces and cars to visit a museum for agricultaral equipment (Porsche range) and the car museum Kröpfl in Hartberg. Fortunately 30 minutes after we have parked aóur vehicls it started to raining cats and dogs.

Together with Hans and Ruth from Switzerland, we drove along the Südoststeirische Weinstraße, to show them a lot of curiosities (pictures enclosed) and the production of pumpkin oil.

A weekend exactly my taste: Nice friends, old cars and young wine, what else do you want? 


Springtime in Poysdorf

The lovely Poysdorf was the center of all Czech and Austrian friends of Rover. Thomas Paradeiser called, and a big group of our Czech friends appaerd to join our rally. Find the report of our president here.


The ORC exhibiting in Tulln

The ORC was exhibiting this year again. Reinhard, Oliver, Walter, Thomas and Joschi supported the club, to present a colourful and wide range of remarkabe cars. The oldest car was a P2 HP 14 Sixlight from 1938. As you can see on the photos a model which attracts also the youth.