Invitation to the General Assembly on January 23th, 2021

In order to be able to hold the General Assembly in accordance with the requirements, we have decided to hold it as a video conference in 2021. 
We ask you to attend the General Assembly in large numbers, as a new board has to be elected.


Dear Rover-Friends!

A difficult year for club activities is coming to an end. Many things could not be discussed or implemented as we would have liked.

From today's perspective, it is not yet clear what impact this pandemic will have on club life in 2021, whether events are possible and, if so, under what conditions. However, we assume a gradual approach to normality and therefore have to set and plan the next dates.

The date for the general meeting has been set, but whether a face-to-face meeting or a video conference will be chosen is currently not clear and must be legally questioned. It would also be conceivable to postpone the General Assembly to the seasons opening rally in order to gain time. The general assembly is so important to the club because a new board has to be elected.

Think positively and stay negative!