Upcoming Club Meetings - Where our Rovers will lead us.....

Recommended Events

Here you will find the next upcoming club events or recommended rallys. Opportunities to drive our Rovers with pride, share this beautiful hobby with nice people and talk petrol!

General Assembly ÖRC

DateJanuary, 23rd 2021
VeranstalterÖRC board
ProgrammInvitation to the general assembly

Pannonia Carnuntum Rally

DateMay, 13th till 15th 2021
OrtIllmitz, Burgenland
VeranstalterPannonia Classic Car Club
ProgrammInvitation will be sent later   

ARBÖ Classic

DateJune 11th till 12th, 2021
PlaceAdmont, Styria
OrganizerARBÖ Admont
Program Invitation will follow  

International Rover Meeting Netherlands

DateJuly 18th till 20th, 2021
ProgrammInvitation will follow as available