Rover Artwork from our club member Herbert Muehleder

Rover cars and events from the club life – club member and president Herbert draws his impressions passionately and on any kind of paper. Whether napkin or drawing paper, Herbert perpetuates his ideas everywhere. A little excerpt from his creations can bee seen here. Whoever wants to experience his graphic artwork life,  must become a club member and give him a ballpen during one of our meetings.

The electric seat adjustment – easy to handle!
The Pinin Farina P4 interpreted by Herbert.
Already from start – it goes into different directions.
If somebody makes a journey he'd better take a few spares with him.
A P6 in a typical winding position.(with De-Dion axle)
Characteristic front end.
Land Rover in typical winding postion. (with live axle)
A self portrait (in a P4)
© Rover Club Austria